Bulk SMS

example “send your name to 20046″

SMS are the most commonly used automated communication tools due to the fact that they can be accessed on any GSM phone and delivery is instant. 
Get access to an easy to use interface and send personalized alerts, reminders, and notifications for appointments, deliveries, and so much more.

Bulk Email Use Case Features
Transaction Alerts

You can send transaction alerts when a client account is debited or credited. Financial institutions can send deposit and withdrawal alerts to clients.


You can send reminders for events, loan balances, appointments, among many others.

Marketing New Products and Services

You can send messages to targeted groups to introduce a new product or service.

School Exam Results

Schools can send SMS with results, fee balances, and other information.


Important information can be sent out to specific target groups to educate them on a subject. For example, hospitals can send out information on how to know the symptoms of a certain outbreak and the action to take when you see the symptoms.

Short codes

example “send your name to 20046″

These are two way SMS communication numbers. They can be premium or zero rated. Premium
short codes are used by organizations to provide certain services at a fees where the organization
earns a revenue share of the amount charged. Zero rated short codes are used for two way

Bulk Email Use Case Features

You can broadcast a message to a target contact group. The process of sending next messages can be automated using short codes where the system automatically picks the next message to send out after receiving feedback. This enables an organization to reach a wide audience and automatically tally the data.

Feedback Collection

An organization can have a short code or short code keyword through which clients can send feedback to the organization. This can be complaints, comments, or customer care requests.

Recruitment of New Clients

Short codes can be used to recruit new clients where prospecting clients can send a specific word to the code. The organization can then get in touch with the client for more information.


Short codes are used for gaming, which is a revenue earner for the organization.

USSD Codes

example “send your name to 20046″

USSD codes, or Unstructured Supplementary Service Data codes, offer users interactive menus on their mobile devices, allowing them to engage in specific functions or services. These codes provide a convenient and direct means for users to access and navigate through a variety of features, enabling them to perform tasks, obtain information, or initiate actions using their mobile phones.

Bulk Email Use Case Features
Customer Care Services

Offering assistance and support to customers through various communication channels.

Balance Enquiry

Check balances such as loan balances, account balances, and financial status.


Enable various applications such as membership requests, loan applications, and more.

Bulk Emails

Our bulk email service allows you to send personalized emails with different parameters such as loan balances, exam results etc at the click of a button to many contacts

Bulk Email Use Case Features
Birthday and Anniversary Messages

Simply upload contacts with birthdays and anniversaries into a group, each with a unique message. The system will automatically send the special message at the specified time.

Contact Groups

Segment your contacts into different groups for targeted messaging and personalized communication.

Different Channels for Sending SMS

Send messages to groups, input contacts for sending, or import from Excel and CSV with different parameters such as balances or exam results.

Message Personalization

Send out messages with recipient names for a more personalized and engaging communication.

Message Scheduling

A message can be scheduled to go out on a certain day at a certain time.

Message Reports with Delivery Status

The report shows the delivery status of each message sent out.

Automated Account Top-Up

Account can be topped up automatically via Mpesa.

API Integration

Allowing you to integrate SMS with any system.