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SMS is the most powerful communication tool in the current world. SMSs provide a cheap, efficient & effective means of communication. Information relayed through SMS is received instantly. SMS are currently being used in mobile banking, utility service companies among many other areas ... Read More


Alphanumerics are sender IDs that are used to brand outgoing SMSs. With sender IDs, recipients are able to trust the source of the message because only registered entities are allowed to own them. An example of an alphanumeric is MOBILESASA which is diaplayed when you receive an SMS from us ... Read More

Short Codes

These are short numbers, such as 20400, used for two way SMS communication. Users can use SMS to query for information and get an automated response, for example, link to a song, account balance, etc. They can also be used for subscriptions where users get daily or weekly services ... Read More

USSD Codes

These are service numbers such as *123# that are used to get services on mobile phones. Given that almost all phones have a USSD feature, this has been a preferred tool to offer services to remote areas with little or no internet connection. They are commonly used in mobile banking... Read More


Average No of SMS Per Month Cost Per SMS (Ksh)
1 - 100,000 0.80
100,001 - 500,000 0.70
>500,000 0.60
Ksh 7,200.00 + VAT = Ksh 8,352.
Item Description Amount Inclusive of VAT(Ksh)
3 months deposit @ 17,400 52,200
Monthly maintenance 17,400
Item Description Amount Inclusive of VAT(Ksh)
Set up fee 146,160
Test bed 17,400
2 months deposit @ 52,200 104,400
Monthly maintenance 52,200
Cost per session to end user 2

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