1. SMS

At the touch of a button, you are able to send a customized SMS to thousands of contacts. We have also developed the best APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that enable you integrate automated SMS alerts in your systems. SMS has grown in popularity due to the fact that they can be accessed on any mobile device and are received instantly enabling a user make informed decisions on time.


1. Marketing

Send marketing messages to thousands of contacts with a single click of a button

2. User account alerts

in case you have clients registered with you, you can send them automated alerts informing them of activities on their accounts such as debits, credits, balances, due payments etc

3. Advisory

You can inform your users to take certain precautions or inform them about something you would like them to know.

4. Events and promotions

You can send alerts to your clients and prospecting clients on promotions going on in your organization and upcoming events which results in increased sales and customer satisfaction.

5. Receipts

You can send your clients automated receipts upon payments acknowledging that their payment has been received


Bulk SMS Price
Average Number of SMS per Month Cost Per SMS (Ksh inclusive of VAT)
1 to 100,000 0.80
100,000 to 500,000 0.70
Above 500,000 0.60

2. SMS Sender IDs (Alphanumeric)

This is a name that appears as the sender of the SMS. It is normally the name of your organization or product which informs your clients that the message is originating from an authentic source since the registration process is rigorous.


Ksh 7,200 + VAT

3. Short Codes

SMS short codes are short numbers such as 20413 that are used for two way SMS communication. Short codes are preferred to long phone numbers since they are short and easy to remember. Short codes are mostly used for subscriptions and in areas that require feedback from the user.


Short Codes Price
Item Description Cost Per SMS (Ksh inclusive of VAT)
Three Months Deposit 52,200
Monthly Maintenance 17,400

4. USSD Codes

USSD codes are numbers such as *123# that enable a two-way interaction. This enables user perform transactions using the code that can be accessed via any GSM phone. Such transactions can include financial transactions (cash withdrawal, balance enquiry, etc), customer care functions (FAQ, send requests) among others.


USSD Codes Price
Item Description Cost Per SMS (Ksh inclusive of VAT)
Set up fee 146,160
One Month test bed 17,400
Two months deposit 104,400
Monthly Maintenance 52,200
Cost per session 1

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